Davies student is in a coma after suffering a severe brain injury

Alexis Bolstad

Fargo, ND (WDAY TV) - Alexis Bolstad's family, her friends, her Davies high school community and beyond are waiting and will be hoping for the next 10 days.

Alexis is in a medically induced coma at Essentia right now after brain surgery.

She was on Veterans Boulevard on Sunday night in a GEM vehicle. Her friends told us tonight that the driver was only going 10-15 miles per hour when Lexi slipped, tried to catch herself, and then just landed wrong.

If she were awake right now, Lexi Bolstad would be busy getting ready for the year of her life. She's a senior. Friends say she's your typical high school student - smart, funny, definitely a little silly, and one heck of an athlete.

Her teammates gathered in front of Hope Lutheran Church in Fargo tonight. Donations are pouring in for the Bolstad family. The girls made "Pray for Lexi" ribbons - and when she wakes up, one of the first things she'll get to do is read and answer all of these prayers.

Her best friend Brook says "There's no doubt she'll wake up." An 18 year-old who has blown out both of her knees and came back stronger. Facing a much greater circumstance right now, Lexi's basketball coach called her a fighter tonight. Resilience and tenacity were the first two words she used to describe Lexi - flat out, she's tough.

You'll be seeing purple ribbons worn around Fargo in the days to come. Purple is Lexi's favorite color. This says #PrayForLexi." That's what people are using on Twitter to send messages to Lexi.

Marissa wrote "It hurts me so bad seeing you in pain, knowing I couldn't help. Please stay strong." Sarah said "I wish I woke up and this had all been a dream."

Friends have set up a benefit account for Lexi's family to help with medical expenses. Starting tomorrow you can donate to any Vision Bank location to the "Alexis Bolstad Family" account.

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